Сrowbar is Not Needed to Hack ATM

According to the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), the level of “sophisticated” cyber threats against ATMs systems ranked third after traditional threats such as skimming and physical attacks on ATMs. Modern ATMs have become an easy source of quick money for criminals.


To protect against cyber attacks on ATM systems, Cyber Security Group offers high-tech “Mount” software designed to protect ATMs from various attacks aimed at unauthorized disbursement of funds.

“Mount” provides:

  • preventing unauthorized physical access to the ATM;
  • prohibition of third-party software installation;
  • making changes to the register;
  • connecting unreliable / extraneous devices (laptops, USB-drives, CD / DVD-drives, etc.);
  • flexible configuration of user rules for both individual applications and their groups;
  • own management system for deploying and changing control policies;
  • and much more.

Integration of “Mount” with specialized software allows you to control its integrity, establish protection against changes in program code and data stored locally, including temporary application files.

“Mount” is a complex software product containing all the necessary set of elements for full protection of ATM software without the need to install or purchase of other modules and components.

Our product is optimal for protecting self-service devices using both low and high speed communication channels.