Web attacks are inevitable. Data loss is not

Cyberattacks on web applications are increasingly common. As more and more governments and businesses move their services online, web applications become an easy target for cybercriminals.

Web attacks are one of the biggest threats to corporate security and data security. They can lead to a wide range of devastating consequences from service disruptions and shutdowns to information theft and data manipulation. Web application attacks prevent important transactions and steal sensitive data.

CSG WAF combines availability and load monitoring with the detection and prevention of web application attacks using signatures and heuristics analysis to ensure continuous protection of applications, users, infrastructures and security compliance.

CSG WAF goes anywhere & works everywhere

Thanks to a wide range of delivery and deployment options, the CSG WAF can be deployed equally in any, whether in the most complex specialized infrastructure or in an application / resource based on public management systems, and provide the highest degree of protection.

CSG WAF is a key component of a comprehensive Web Application and API Protection stack that secures from edge to database, so the traffic you receive is only the traffic you want.We provide the best website protection in the industry – PCI-compliant, automated security that integrates analytics to go beyond OWASP Top 10 coverage, and reduces the risks created by third-party code.


  • Full Protection from Web Attacks and DDoS;
  • Protection from XSS & SQL-injections;
  • Protect applications and APIs;
  • Block Malicious Bots and Automated Attacks;
  • Control Access and Authentication;
  • Automate and Orchestrate Security;
  • Business Logic Attacks;
  • and much more.