Sforcoin – Instant. Anonymous. Privacy.

Sforcoin – privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, which has several built-in features that offer enhanced security features that help to keep users’ identities and activities concealed.

The Sforcoin Network is committed to using distributed ledger technology based on the Zerocoin protocol implemented on top of a PIVx blockchain. It allows us to develop tools that will enable people to make instant, anonymous, and guaranteed transfers. In addition, the Sforcoin Network seeks to establish a privacy-enabled electronic cash system with full decentralization that removes the need for trusted third parties and integrates automated monetary policy controls.

Sforcoin was not designed with the intention of hiding illicit activity. Our main goal is to maintain the privacy of individuals should they choose to have it, and to do it with decentralized applications that provide anonymity and privacy.

Sforcoin uses a hybrid consensus algorithm for block generation and uses a bonded validator system to facilitate private transactions and to protect the network from centralization.

Users may support the network and earn rewards through proof-of-stake validating. Users can also help to strengthen the network and earn rewards by operating a masternode.


Built for fast, secure & private transactions

At the onset of 2018, we bore witness to the advent of a new protocol that will define the nature of privacy coins. Zero-knowledge proof implementation via the Zerocoin protocol on a custom PIVx blockchain allowed us to transform coin mixing and source obfuscation. We are implementing these services on a protocol level.

Sforcoin works on the blockchain with code, which is based on the PIVx and Zerocoin protocol with added features. Sforcoin works with hybrid consensus algorithms for block validation and employs masternodes to help facilitate private transactions.

The system also makes use of steganography and end-to-end encryption to ensure the privacy of its users. It is recommended that masternode operators also use a Virtual Private Server.

With a peer-to-peer electronic cash system further powered by the Zerocoin protocol, we are going to eliminate the need for banks and payment processing networks.

The system provides a secure decentralized payment network that automates recordkeeping and account creation. The medium of exchange used on the Sforcoin Network is a Sforcoin.


Sforcoin Technical Specifications:

  • Consensus Algorithm: PoS + zPoS Hybrid;
  • Pre-Mine Supply Block 1 : 1,155,000 Sforcoin;
  • Transactions per second: 173 TPS (current theoretical maximum);
  • Masternode Support: Yes, 5000 Sforcoin per masternode;
  • Block Time: 110 seconds (Re-targeting every block);
  • Block Size: 2 MB;
  • Mine-able: No;
  • Stake-able: Yes (Earn block reward from coin ownership).


Sforcoin Specification:

  • Year 1: Block reward: Max. 5 Sforcoin per block (split dynamically bet. stakers & MN);
  • Year 2: Block reward: Max. 6 Sforcoin per block (split dynamically bet. stakers & MN);
  • Year 3: Block reward: Max. 0.03 Sforcoin per block (split dynamically bet. stakers & MN);
  • Year 4: Block reward: Max. 0.015 Sforcoin per block (split dynamically bet. stakers & MN).


Budget Eligibility / Governance / Masternodes:

  • 20% of Block Rewards used to fund budget when activated;
  • Each Masternode is allowed 1 vote per proposal;
  • Sentinel required on Masternode to be eligible to vote;
  • Node expiration: 120 minutes;
  • Node removal: 130 minutes;
  • Maturity Confirms: 101 confirms;
  • Wallet Status: Requires core wallet to remain online and unlocked for staking;
  • zPoS Stake Eligibility;
  • Maturity Confirms: 200 confirms;
  • Wallet Status: Requires core wallet to remain online and unlocked for staking.


Anonymity and privacy is taken to the next level

In September 2020, the Cyber Security Group LLC team completed the launch of the coin. Sforcoin has made several large improvements since its launch. Due to its unique algorithm, the coin has exceptional properties:

  • Complete anonymity;
  • High speed (transactions in seconds);
  • Built-in mixer;
  • Possibility of private sending.


There are no absolute analogs on the market. Direct competitors, such as scarce Dash or Monero, lose significantly in terms of Sforcoin.

Our coin is already ready to use/trade. You can buy it soon on the SFOR.TRADE exchange. Negotiations with exchanges will begin soon.

Sforcoin is a great demonstration of our capabilities. If you are interested in buying it in its current form, investing in its expansion, or creating a cryptocurrency customized to your specific needs, feel free to contact us, we are considering all options.