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The SFOR.TRADE exchange was developed and launched by Cyber Security Group LLC in 2020.

The decision to launch a cryptocurrency exchange was made due to the growing demand for products related to servicing the cryptocurrency market and a detailed analysis of market players. This was observed in 2015-2017, but it was associated with crypto coins.

Cryptocurrency market statistics show a high growth rate and the entry of new players, who should become clients of our platform:

  • August’s volume clocked in at $191.2 billion compared to $109.3 billion in July, according to the August 2020 report by The Block Research;
  • There are now 101 million users of cryptocurrency which is 3 times more than in 2018 with 35 million users;
  • The number of registered crypto wallets increased by 37%: from 139 million in 2018 to 191 million in the third quarter of 2020;
  • There were only 5 million crypto accounts in 2016 with 45 millions of wallets, growing to 18 million in 2017 and 35 million up to September 2018;
  • … etc.

Unlike most platforms written with PHP and JAVA, the following tools were used to create SFOR.TRADE:

The unique architecture of the crypto exchange with platform modules written with Golang, NodeJS, and Ruby allowed us to avoid system overloads, protecting traders’ positions from liquidations, and Trade Matching Engine capacity could reach over 20,000,000 transactions per second, which is 12 times higher than the average industry speed.

*For comparison: the capacity of one of the best exchanges Binance is 1.4 million transactions per second.

To involve not only new traders but also to poach the existing ones from competitors, Cyber Security Group team has conducted a survey among users of the largest market players in order to understand – what traders want.

Based on the obtained parameters, which are considered indicators of an ideal crypto exchange, our specialists eliminated the disadvantages of other platforms and highlighted the main advantages of SFOR.TRADE, which significantly raises our product on the market.

Now, the latest generation of SFOR.TRADE exchange is created on the basis of advanced technologies, taking into account the current needs and trends of the blockchain community.

The main source of profit of the exchange is trading commissions from transactions made by exchange users (traders). The rate of commission can vary from 0% to 0.2%, depending on several different factors.

Additional sources of revenue can be added:

  • Related analytical applications and services;
  • Fees for adding to the exchange of coins of new ICO-projects;
  • Fees for the provision of trading leverage (if there is margin trading);
  • The possibility of algorithmic trading (rent of trading bots);
  • IEO (“Initial Exchange Offering”).

On top of having cheap transaction fees, SFOR.TRADE is also a very secure space to trade crypto coins. The exchange employs a 2FA system (two-factor authentication) in order to ensure optimal log-in security measures and has many advanced crypto security features, too.

SFOR.TRADE offers an extremely easy-to-use exchange, with a friendly user interface and Lower fees than other commonly used exchanges, greatly lowering the barrier to entry for cryptocurrency investment, which is typically seen as confusing and convoluted.

Our mission is to support financial market innovation and advancement of the crypto economy through building upon a series of open and fair market rules to the liquidity of the overall market, enhance market depth, and help achieve blockchain structural optimization.


Improvements implemented

I – II Quarters 2020:

  • The concept of the exchange ready;
  • Trading core launch (high-volume Trade Matching Engine);
  • Market / Limit Orders ready;
  • Backend application ready;
  • Frontend application ready;
  • Websockets ready;
  • Connection of payment gateways;
  • Finalization of the depth graph;
  • Placement, configuration, integration of crypto nodes;
  • ERC20 tokens ready;
  • Multi-currency user wallets ready;
  • The readiness of all trading assets: fiat / coins / tokens;
  • Placing the first 13 trading pairs;
  • Cyber defense WAF | ISO 27001:2017.


II – III Quarters 2020:

  • SMS verification ready;
  • Email verification ready;
  • 2FA authentication support ready;
  • Fully encrypted user data;
  • Reaching over 20,000,000 transactions per second;
  • Possibility to set commission for separate groups;
  • Ordering an Estonian license AMLD5;
  • Start of negotiations with traders’ platforms;
  • Beginning of negotiations with banks to expand payment gateways;
  • Full KYC / AML procedure on the exchange side ready;
  • Marketing strategy development.


III – IV Quarters 2020:

  • Anti-phishing protection ready;
  • Adding AML crypto wallets;
  • Initial placement Support Tickets;
  • Listing Sforcoin on the exchange;
  • Providing and protecting liquidity.


Our upcoming plans

I – II Quarters 2021:

  • Launching a mobile application on iOS and Android;
  • Launch of an OTC platform with a Swiss license;
  • Obtaining an Estonian license AMLD5;
  • Launch of the news portal about finance and crypto markets SFORNEWS.COM;
  • Start of an advertising campaign;
  • Connecting Stop-Market / Stop-Limit Orders;
  • Connection of multilingual support service 24/7;
  • Getting the first 10,000 traders;
  • Expansion of payment gateways with SEPA and SWIFT;
  • The beginning of the development of trading bots.


III – IV Quarters 2021:

  • Expansion of language versions;
  • Connecting direct bank acquiring;
  • Expansion of regional payment gateways;
  • Full Integration with TradingView, 3commas, Tiger trader;
  • Connecting personal trading bots;
  • Connecting Take Profit / Stop Loss Orders;
  • Finalization of the complete personalization of the user’s frontend;
  • Getting the first 150,000 traders;
  • Expansion of trading pairs and supported assets.


The required investment sum is 2,300,000 U.S. dollars.

Distribution of investments (calculation for 12 months).

Launch of the platform after receipt is 2-3 weeks. This time is necessary to place deposits, to start an advertising campaign, to connect the support service.

Exit to 10,000 active traders with a daily trading volume of $20-35 million takes 3 to 6 months.

By investing in SFOR.TRADE crypto exchange project from Cyber Security Group LLC you save your resources. All works on technical support of the platform, security, carrying out an advertising campaign, development of additional software are performed by Cyber Security Group specialists without the involvement of the third parties.

Also, Cyber Security Group LLC has the status of a virtual zone and has a zero tax burden for international product sales.


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