Code Review as a Service
Get rid of memory leaks, poor performance, and other errors with the code review service,

Prevention is always better than cure. Save your money and many hours of work to build a project with
professional IT consulting services. We’ll take over the code review, and you’ll be able to make sure
that every cent you make will benefit your project, and that due to ineffective procedures and
incorrect code your time will not be wasted.

Do you feel there is something wrong with your software project? CybHub can relieve you of stress
by conducting a thorough software audit. We’ll give you a start-up
software in line with your company’s true vision, which will ultimately lead to
to a successful software project.

Why do you have to analyze the code?
Expert code review is a set of actions aimed at improving the quality of the final code
Program. In this process, third-party developers typically review the source code to identify
any mistakes, check the correctness of the architecture and offer the best solutions. It is very important to have
auditors outside the circle of people who developed the source code to ensure high
the quality and impartiality of code verification.

Why is background check important?
Since any software is created by people, it can often be done with some
errors, typos, security errors, architectural errors, business logic flaws and
many other flaws. Knowing this makes it easier to realize that it is much more profitable to make corrections and improvements
during and after the code review process, compared to how problems will be found by A-specialists in the
already compiled product. This means that the code review service saves a lot of time and, ultimately,
as a result, money, especially if otherwise errors will be found only after the product has become
available to the public.
Checking code for vulnerabilities

CybHub’s code analysis helps keep your software from unexpected hacking
attacks because it helps detect vulnerabilities in your code. You may not be aware of all the drawbacks
technology. A thorough analysis with a fresh perspective will help to identify all the problem areas, for
develop more reliable and secure applications.

Code review stages:

Includes the collection of general information about the project, such as a list of technologies used and frameworks,
number of lines of code, a list of key features to see, general statistics on
problems, both recommended for correction and critical.

Code metrics
Includes information about key code metrics and their assessment provided by code reviewers, such as
support index, cyclomatic complexity, depth of inheritance, class binding and much

Architecture review
Includes information about the solution architecture – how the kernel is built, what modules are included in it, whether it is used

appropriate architectural principles and patterns. The code must fit a certain architecture,
whatever the architecture of MVC, MVP, MVVM, we need to be sure what code follows it. check
clean code of the project. It must follow the principles of object-oriented analysis and design
OOAD or SOLID principles.

User interface review
Analysis of the implementation of the user interface from the point of view of the code. In the case of a mobile app
you need to check whether the solution is in line with the style guidelines for a given platform. This is
necessary, as a style violation can lead to problems with the placement of a product in a particular
App store.

Test review
Includes analysis of unit tests, code coverage, test quality. Check the state of failure, check
readability, speed check, and so on.

Checking code quality
This paragraph lists all the problems of the different categories with their detailed description. All problems
classified as either recommended for correction or critical. This paragraph should also
include information on whether the code should be simplified, whether it is poorly commented on, or if there are
other code problems: hard-coded values, unused methods, variables, too
complex or large methods, etc.

And the last point is the recommendations, which usually include an explanation of the recommended
corrections and improvements, recommended sequence of changes and estimated time
Code verification should be used not only for the code preparing for release, but also for everything in general. you see
code quality deteriorates throughout the lifecycle of any application. Architecture update, add
new features and fixing bugs on systems with poor code quality are taking longer and
leads to even more errors.
The length of the code check ordered at us is small, and the difference in quality is enormous. We are
help you make sure your code stays clean and workable.